They do EXIST. Upgraded Fox 15QR Thru-Axles.

The instructions on how to properly install the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle are straight forward and simple to grasp. You can see the video here.  The unique features of the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle make installing the wheel and securing it in the fork even easier than a stock FOX 15QR Thru-Axle. Please familiarize yourself with these instructions before attempting the procedure.


A thru-axle is a type of wheel attachment where a solid rod, or axle, is slid through the hub and clamped rigidly at either end at the dropouts of the fork legs. For proper and safe installation of a thru-axle, read and follow these instructions carefully.

WARNING— A thru-axle that is not properly installed may allow the wheel to be loose or come off unexpectedly, causing you to lose control and fall. Make sure the thru-axle is installed properly before riding the bicycle.

Unlike with other braking systems, you do not have to open the disc brake when removing the wheel during installation, but use care not to damage the pads or rotor.



» Ensure the threads on your axle nut are clean and free of any debris before beginning. Spray WD-40 or a similar fluid to flush out the threads and use a plush, lint-free rag to clean the threads thoroughly.

» Place a dab of anti-sieze compound on the threads to prevent galling, corrosion and seizing due to weathering or chemicals.

» Position your front wheel (without the 15QR axle) into the dropouts of the lower fork leg. Position the brake rotor between the brake pads of the disc caliper as you seat the hub shoulders squarely and firmly into the dropout counterbores.

WARNING— As dirt and debris can accumulate between the fork axle openings, always check and clean these areas before installing the wheel. Improper hub and axle installation can result with SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

» Insert the UA 15QRR axle into the fork dropout and slide it all the way through the hub, until you contact the axle nut on the opposite side.

» Thread the UA 15QRR axle into the axle nut five to six (5-6) complete turns until it stops, WITHOUT worrying about orienting the axle such that the axle arrives positioned below the fork leg.

» Using hand strength only, turn the UA 15QRR handle an additional 1/16-turn to 1/8-turn to secure the axle. Do not use any kind of hand tool to increase leverage.

» Pull the UA 15QRR axle handle out, releasing the ratchet mechanism, while turning to the desired “PARKED” position. Release handle to engage the ratchet mechanism, and ensure the handle is fully seated.

» We recommend the “PARKED” position be from in range of 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock position to protect the UA 15QRR axle handle from being vulnerable to hitting objects on the trail, posing a potential risk of suddenly loosening the axle.

CAUTION— Positioning the PARKED 15QRR handle below the fork leg dropout may leave it vulnerable to hitting objects on the trail, posing a potential risk of suddenly loosening the axle. Position the PARKED 15QRR handle in the 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock position range relative to the fork leg as instructed, to reduce this risk.


» To remove the UA 15QRR axle, pull the axle handle out while turning the handle to the most advantageous position. Release the handle, engaging the ratchet mechanism, and ensure the handle is fully seated. Turn the axle handle counter-clockwise until disengaged from the axle nut. Pull straight out to remove completely from fork, while securing the front wheel from falling out.