They do EXIST. Upgraded Fox 15QR Thru-Axles.

It has been said that replacement Fox 15QR axles are so rare only unicorns can order them. On a moonless night. While a trio of virgin flutists toot the melody of Gangnam Style in three-part harmony. And even then the thing costs seventy-five American dollars.


Gentlemen, we can design a better 15QR Thru-Axle. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first ratcheting 15QR Thru-Axle. UNICORN AXLES will be that axle. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Introducing the Unicorn Axles 15QR RATCHETING THRU-AXLE.

Maybe we'll call it the UA 15QRR THRU-AXLE. Yeah, that's it.


We are launching a Kickstarter campaign next week to begin supplying the axles Worldwide. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our progress and help us supply the World with Unicorn Axles.

What Makes the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle Better:

  • Constructed from 7075 Aluminum for STRENGTH

  • Black Hard Anodized for DURABILITY

  • Innovative RATCHETING LEVER can be PARKED in any Position

  • Cool COLORS to match your bike (or eyes)

Prototype UA 15QRR Thru-Axle shown in FOUR EXCITING COLORS- Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

We have the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle is four exciting colors (Blue, Green, Yellow and signature Red) with our reinforced polymer ratcheting handles.

We also have a LIMITED EDITION UA 15QRR Thru-Axle with a Black or Orange metal ratcheting handle for extreme duty.

Design Features


When you are in a rush to install your wheel with your thru-axle, you never seem to have enough hands. The quick-release lever is always flopping about and you can never get the axle aligned and engaged in the axle nut. The UA 15QRR Thru-Axle uses a  ratcheting handle that is fixed in its primary or normal position. Install way- blindfolded if you wish.


The primary or NORMAL position of the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle ratcheting handle is fixed, allowing it to be used to firmly guide the axle during installation or removal.

The handle can also be used to quickly turn the axle into the axle nut to secure the wheel. Like dialing a rotary telephone- if you even know what that is.

The ratcheting handle of the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle can be pulled out, to disengage the ratchet mechanism, and allow the handle to rotate freely. This allows the ratcheting handle to be easily re-positioned at any time (even while riding) without effecting the tension.


A critical issue with the stock FOX 15QR Thru-Axle is finding the right combination of retention force on the quick-release mechanism and the position of the lever when in the closed position.

It always turns out that the tension is too much or too little, or the lever is in some location that either interferes with the fork leg or is in harms way. The gimmick that FOX employs is a complicated multi-position axle nut on the far-side fork leg that requires a mechanic to fiddle with its position, and thus the the tension, by trial and error. Almost any number of changes requires the axle nut to be re-adjusted to achieve the right tension- not something you want to do trail side or at all in a race.

With the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle and its innovative ratcheting handle that separates the functions of tension and position, there is not need to adjust your axle nut position.  Whatever position it came installed in, is the perfect position. Get out and ride, don't stay home and fiddle with your (axle) nuts.


The UA 15QRR Thru-Axle employs a multi-position ratcheiting handle that can be "PARKED" in any position.

This separates the two functions of the thru-axle installation procedure- TENSION and POSITION.

First, you set the tension to retain the axle and the front wheel. Second, you pull out the handle while rotating it to a safe position. DONE.

Click on Instructions to read the procedure.


The UA 15QRR Thru-Axle uses a 40mm long reinforced polymer handle to provide the right amount of leverage required to torque the axle by hand while keeping it out of harms way. 

The UA 15QRR Thru-Axle is manufactured from aerospace 7075 billet aluminum and gun drilled (hollowed out) to give the greatest strength to weight ratio. 

The UA 15QRR Thru-Axle receives a black hard anodizing to protect the axle from the harsh environment of off-road riding.

We have thrown everything but the kitchen sink (it was too heavy) at the UA 15QRR Thru-Axle to create the ultimate replacement for the FOX 15QR thru-axle.